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Legend:  heating related energy costs 2012/13.

1     : Oil furnace + (A/C) .

2**  : Oil furnace + heat-pump (dual-energy).

3     : Electric furnace + (A/C). 

4     : Gas furnace+ (A/C).

5     : Electric furnace + heat-pump.

6**  : 3-Flex + Oil furnace+ plenum heater + (A/C).  

7     : 2-Flex + electric furnace+ heat-pump.

8**  : Gas furnace + heat-pump (dual-energy)

9**  : 3-Flex + gas furnace + plenum heater + (A/C)   

10**: 3-Flex + oil fur.+ heat-pump + plenum heater (tri-energy)

11   : Geothermal heating.              

12**: 3-Flex + gas fur.+ heat-pump + plenum heat (tri-energy)


Produits et Services éconergétiques residentiels

Desservant la région Métropolitaine de Montréal.


Residential energy management products & services.

Serving the Greater Montreal area

ABC Hybrid Energy Inc

          3-Flex, tri-energy key benefits.

¨ Sharply reduced overall home energy costs.

¨ Cuts oil or gas furnace fuel consumption by 80%.

¨ Sharply reduced ecological footprint

¨ Less furnace use translates into less maintenance and a longer service life of the appliance.

¨ More use and value from the heat pump.

¨ No more cold air during heat-pump defrost cycles.

¨ No maintenance, solid state controller design.

Sabrez dans vos coûts de chauffage!

/ Slash your home heating costs!

convert  Dual-Energy to Tri-Energy


Did you know that converting from oil to electric heat also raises the Hydro rate?

This can wipe-out most of the savings achieved by abandoning fossil fuel.

Convert to tri-energy and keep the fuel furnace and the low DT rate

while enjoying much lower home energy costs compared to all electric heating.

And if you have an oil or gas furnace with central A/C, consider

installing the 3-Flex controller for even more impressive cost savings.

Compare your heating system against other heating options available. 

             fig.1*** below Shows heating costs for 12 different forced air heating configurations.                           

3-FLEX benefits are too important to ignore!  

Ask our clients why they are impressed with tri-energy.


Heating system type/configuration

Text Box:  Heating related energy cost

Tri-energy, the smart home heating solution.

Developed in Quebec.

Heating costs of Tri-energy are often comparable to

geothermal heating without the large upfront expenses!

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 Home expert Jon Eakes* says:

“Tri-energy forced air heating takes full advantage of the low Hydro DT rate by using more heat-pump and less fuel furnace heat. Compared to standard dual-energy heating this results in much reduced home heating costs and elimination of unwanted temperature swings.”

     * Listen to: “Home Improvement with Jon Eakes”  

         on CJAD 800 AM, Saturdays 9 -10 am.




** :eligible for the low Hydro Québec DT rate

Tri-energy greatly reduces fossil fuel consumption, resulting in heating costs reductions of up to 50% compared to dual-energy heating.


It works so well that the cost of the installation is

paid for by energy savings alone in as little as 3 years


If the furnace of your dual-energy heating system kicks-in well before the outdoor temperature has reached –12°C, you are wasting serious money! 

***  Fig.1 cost model is based on actual energy costs for the 2012-13 heating season.

In addition to cost of heating fig.1 includes Hydro Québec D/DT rate cost differential for all other domestic electricity usage over a full12 Month period for a typical pre-1990, 2500 sq.ft home in the greater Montreal area. Thermostat day 21°C/night 18°C. Oil furnace 80% eff., gas furnace 95% eff., air source heat-pump 3Tons, geothermal ground source heat-pump 7 Tons. Building seasonal heat demand 80 GJ, all other annual household electricity demand 15000 KWh/yr. Heating cost for smaller/larger homes can be extrapolated accordingly. A fossil fuel and electric heat combination (dual-energy) is eligible for the preferential Hydro Québec residential DT rate. D rate heating systems can significantly increase all other domestic electricity cost, such as: A/C, electric hot water boiler, stove, lights ect. Actual heating cost may vary depending on winter weather conditions, building heat-loss, heating appliance efficiency and house thermostat settings.

3-FLEX tri-heat #10,12


Geothermal heating #11



Link to video clip  Tri-Energy  by: Jon Eakes