June 10, 2013

Thank you for keeping us up to date on the latest developments. Glad to hear business is going well. Recently I compared the oil and hydro bills of our 4 bedroom detached home for 2011 and 2012.

Was pleasantly surprised to see that for 2012, we spend nearly $2000 less on oil and hydro combined, as compared to 2011. We used to have on average 4 oil deliveries a year. The oil fired hot water tank was replaced with an electric boiler in December 2011. Following 3-Flex installation in April 2012 we had no more oil deliveries for that year. This put a huge dent in total oil consumption for 2012. The 2013 results should be even better, when the impact of our new heating system will be fully reflected over an entire heating season. The ROI looks better than the 3 years you estimated. At this rate it should take less than

2 years to see a full return on the initial investment in 3-Flex.

Needless to say we are very pleased with the savings and improved comfort this new heating configuration is giving us, and so glad you convinced us not to convert from oil to electric furnace heating after all.

Hope that our very positive experience will convince other homeowners to also consider your “magic box” heating solution. Wish you all the best, and lots of business with this great invention.

Angela P , Ile Claude, Quebec

Upgraded from: Dual-heat with oil furnace + heat pump

           to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + heat-pump



Le 10 Mai, 2013

Nous venons de passer notre premier hiver avec notre systeme 3-flex et T-eco. Ce fut intéressant de constater que nous avons dépensé la moitié (300L) d'un réservoir d'huile alors que normalement nous dépensons 1 réservoir et demi ! (900L) Vraiment impressionnant! Je trouvais aussi que la chaleur venait plus rapidement si je demandais un "boost" de chauffage pour un moment. Donc de très bons points pour l'environnement!  Moins d'huile brûlée, moins de pollution. Côté épargne, nous avons économisé environ 720$ d'huile à chauffage et avons payé 150$ de plus en électricité. Nous avons donc économisé 570$ ou 50%, ce qui n'est pas banal considérant que nous avons eu un hiver très froid. Merci beaucoup et longue vie à votre système qui fait un petit plus pour la planète et un petit moins pour mon porte-feuille!

JF & Carole Beaconsfield

Upgraded from: Dual-heat with oil furnace + heat pump.

           to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + heat-pump + T-eco.


April 15 2013

I am glad I switched to tri-heat following the problems I had with my dual-heat system 2 winters ago. 3-Flex is a great product that saved me a lot of money this last winter. I keep the thermostat at 24degC and despite the cold winter I used only a bit more than 1/2 tank of oil this last winter for my 4 bedroom detached house. My monthly electricity bill is now at $120. As an engineer I must say that 3-flex is a solidly designed hybrid heating system that has not given me any problems. I also appreciate your prompt support and reply to any questions I may have. I wish other service providers were the same. I highly recommend tri-heat as a solution to high heating costs and I am happy to be on your reference list.


J. Barros, Pt.Claire.

Upgraded from: Dual-heat with oil furnace + heat pump

           to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + heat-pump



Feb.20 2013

We are certainly very happy with the 3-Flex. Cost-wise, we cannot yet tell how much we are saving, but comfort-wise it is a huge improvement - a much more even temperature throughout the house, and no more oil-smells! We have just had our first top-up of the oil tank - and only because we are going away for 3 weeks and this winter is proving so cold. Hoping that your new installations are going well,

Helen.C. Beaconsfield

Upgraded from: Dual-heat with oil furnace + heat pump

           to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + heat-pump



Jan.15 2013

Dear Sir,

We are very satisfied with the 3-flex system. It has saved us an oil refill already, since we did not have to fill our tank for this winter as the tank was at about the 40% mark (due to the system having been installed last March). So it has saved us approx. 850$ already, and it should be the case for next year and the next as well. And the house is more comfortable as well.

Thanks so much,

J.D, Kirkland

Upgraded from: Dual-heat with oil furnace + heat pump

            to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + heat-pump



Jan.16 2013

Thanks for the update and I'm very happy to hear that your product is picking up interest. I can definitely vouch that it was well worth the investment and your counsel and knowledge on this field was second to none. Actually nobody even came close to providing honest and accurate info as you did. I thank you immensely for that. When the time comes for me to install a HP, I will definitely get in touch with you again so as to update the system with likely the addition of the T-Eco module (cutting my daily kWh in half as well would be an even bigger advantage). 

John K. Chomedy

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Upgraded from: oil furnace + A/C

           to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + A/C


Jan. 26 2013

We have just returned from a vacation in sunny Arizona so have only today received your message seeking a referral from a prospective Hudson customer. I would be happy to do this any time, the system is working perfectly.

Best regards,

Paul R.  St.Lazare

Upgraded from: Dual-heat with oil furnace + heatpump

           to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + heat-pump



Jan.11 2013

Salut Bruno,

voici le courriel de monsieur Janssen qui a fait l'installation du systeme 3-flex (pour l'element electrique) et du T-eco (pour recalculer plus efficacement les cycles de dégivrage). Esperant que tu apprécieras! Je suis allé voir ma consommation d'huile depuis décembre et j'ai pris à peine 1/8 ieme de ma tank et cela inclu la période ou j'en consommais "beaucoup" car Monsieur Janssen est revenu faire des ajustements car la fournaise partait trop souvent a cause d'un probleme avec la sonde d'hydro qc je pense.

Jean Francois. G. Beaconsfield

Upgraded from: Dual-heat with oil furnace + heatpump

           to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + heat-pump + T-eco



Nov.21 ,2012

I wanted sincerely thank you for your 3 flex system… From the start you explained everything with clarity and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the advantages of your product can offer. I also owe you a  thanks for allowing me to take part in the installation process and picking your brain so I can learn from A-Z how it works, how it is set up, managed, and teaching me how to arrange the board if I wanted to change the heating setting based on our home’s heat loss. I know my heating set up wasn’t the best but your dedication to go beyond didn’t go unnoticed, we are truly grateful for all of the extra’s you did for us. We are still early in the cold season, however we did get off to a brisk start and the plenum heater and timer thermostat have performed to exactly how you estimated they would, we wake up to a warm home and arrive home to the same conditions all the while knowing we are using very little electricity in this cool weather. The best part, we haven’t burned a drop of $1.10/L oil!!!

Thanks again Martin for everything, I am continuously providing your name and coordinates to whoever I can when I can.

Joe J. Pincourt

Upgraded from: “life-breath” furnace, oil fired hot water boiler

           to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + “life-breath” 




May 21 2013

We had a great winter in terms of heating costs, we did burn some oil of course… None the less, we were very happy about the oil consumption!!!  Started the winter with less than half a tank, almost used it all, then filled it up and the light never went on again… So for next year I have a full tank. And don’t expect to be ordering a fill up for 2 years… Previously we ordered oil twice a year.

Joe J. Pincourt

3-Flex + plenum heater+ “life-breath” furnace with oil fired hot water boiler.



May 5 2012

Now that the results are in after the first heating season with 3-flex I can say that I am very satisfied with the new system, achieving a significant energy cost saving of more than 55%. The oil consumption went down from 1600 to 200 litres compared to last winter. We also find that the house is now much more comfortable because of 3-flex. Before we could feel the house temperature varying continuously especially during colder days. Also we could smell the oil furnace each time it would come on. Now that annoying smell is gone and I need to look at the –12C light to know the oil furnace is actually running. You can imagine how I feel when I see the oil delivery truck passing by knowing it will not stop at my house.

If you ever need a contact person as reference please do not hesitate to give my number.

Claude H. Beaconsfield.

Upgraded from: Dual-heat with oil furnace + heatpump

           to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + heat-pump + T-eco



March 15 2011

The system has been working very well. There is a definite feeling of a new level of comfort in the house. First, there was the decrease in the noise caused by the fan. But foremost, I noticed this morning as I spent time with Emilie in the living room, that the house feels amazingly more comfortable. I think it has to do with the defrost cycles no longer blowing cold air throughout the house. So thank you so much for putting the extra time and effort into getting that to work properly. It has got me thinking that perhaps my HP does a defrost cycle quite often. I think at one point you mentioned that some HP’s can run a defrost cycle up to once an hour. But then I also remember that you said that my HP does it on demand, so perhaps it has to do with how cold it has been in the past 24 hours. Anyway, overall, we are extremely happy with this much improved system.


Jacques.D. Kirkland

Upgraded from: Dual-heat with oil furnace + heatpump

           to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + heat-pump


3-flex customer testimonials and feedback.


June 25, 2013

I like you to know that we are very satisfied with the 3flex heating system.

Good thing J.F across the street recommend 3-Flex to me last spring, otherwise I would still be paying thousands of dollars for heating.

Without going into details, the electricity bills for last winter increased by about $ 275 compared to 2 winters ago. Assume this is because the heat pump is running more and the new plenum heater. We only used 300L oil this winter, a huge drop compared to nearly1600L the winter before. Combining hydro and oil, the net savings with 3-Flex are about 60%, and much better than what we had hoped for. Whenever the orange light is on, we try to use the fireplace to cut down on oil. But because we did the same the year before it should not make a difference for this comparison.

We also find that the house is definitely more comfortable now.

Thanks again for all your help and the very best with your business.


M & A , Beaconsfield  

Upgraded from: Dual-heat with oil furnace + heat pump

      to: 3-Flex + plenum heat + oil furnace + heat-pump