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For your own safety and liability we recommend you always use licensed professionals when making modifications to heating, electrical, HVAC or plumping systems.

The heating cost numbers in examples and spreadsheets discussed are derived from actual building heat-loss performance measurements versus outdoor temperature and average energy cost for the 20012-13 winter heating seasons in the Greater Montreal area (GMA). Many variables can influence the all-over efficiency and energy performance of a heated building structure. For all examples the cost data used is applicable to a standard 2 storey detached cottage constructed before between 1965-1990 using standard 2x4” wood frame construction,  vapor barrier, new windows and doors installed or indicated otherwise for examples given. Otherwise no major work is completed to improve thermal and HVAC ductwork efficiency. Lifestyle of its inhabitants is an important variable that will influence actual heating cost. Future energy costs cannot be predicted. All assumptions made for future heating costs are based on approximations only. In all scenarios presented it is assumed that the heating systems installed are operating correctly and automatic thermostat is installed with room temperatures between 21°C day and 17°C night during  winter heating season. Because of many variables in play and not under our control, We are not responsible for actual results better or worse than anticipated.