3-Flex electronic control unit key features and unique advantages:

· Standalone control unit allows 3-FLEX installation anywhere in the house.

· Programmable for dual-heat with plenum heater or tri-heat operation.

· Electronic Solid state construction in attractive indoor enclosure.

· Organized wiring eliminates usual “rats-nest” HVAC control wiring.

· Compatible with most common HVAC systems.

· Accommodates standard 2 stage heat 1 stage cool thermostats. 

· Separate, custom build CSA/UL approved multi-stage electric element Plenum heater with pressure switch.

· 3-Flex sensor #1 detects outdoor temperature to control plenum heater output.

· 3-Flex sensor #2 disables plenum heater when external temperature exceeds +55°C.

· 3-Flex sensor #3 detects thermostat night-time setbacks to dynamically delay plenum heater activation during first-heat in order to arrive at set-point at the desired time independent of outdoor temperature.

· Incorporates dual-heat “fossil fuel kit” functionality.

· Dynamic controlled (outdoor temp. dependent) plenum heat during defrost cycles eliminates cold air influx.

· “Flex trim” adjusts for optimum heat-pump output and building “heat-loss” characteristics, resulting in  optimum efficiency and comfort. 

· Plenum heater dynamic delayed “boost mode” quickly raises house temperature during “first heat” recovery.

· Accommodates motorized fresh-air damper to prevent cold air infiltration when furnace is off.

· Terminal block connects Electric Utility low temperature dry contact switch to fossil fuel furnace only operation.

· Terminal block output activates central humidifier only when air-handler fan is running.

· 3-Flex is powered-down and furnace enabled whenever house thermostat is in E heat mode.

· Automatic transfer to heat-pump and/or plenum heat and in case of furnace failure.

· Automatic shutdown of heat-pump and plenum heater in case of air-handler insufficient airflow or fan failure.

· Automatic shutdown when fan-on command from thermostat is absent.

· 60 Sec. Air-handler fan cut-off delay extracts residual heat/cool from the heat-pump indoor heat-exchanger coil after house thermostat demand for heat/cool is satisfied.

· 3-Flex feature allows furnace on/off temperature hysteresis can be set to furnace on at W, off at Y thermostat command. Thereby increasing furnace cycle time and improving efficiency.

· Optional load manager with active current monitoring at main breaker allows for 3-Flex operation using most  100A /200A power panels.

· 3-Flex power consumption nominal 1Watt, connects to existing HVAC 24VAC Power supply.



Equipment warranty:

3-Flex and T-eco control units are an integrated part of a heating system and carry a

standard 2 years parts and labour warranty. Extended warranty is available at extra cost.

The electric plenum heater for tri-heat carries a typical 10 year warranty for heating elements during normal use.






What heating system can offer the

“biggest bang for your buck”

during a typical mid-winter day ?




 ** Legend:


  Mono-energy. (D rate)

 A.  Oil furnace

 B.  Electric furnace.

 C.  Gas furnace


 D*. Oil furnace + heat-pump.

 E.  Electric furnace + heat-pump.

 F*. Oil /Gas furnace + plenum heater.

 Tri-energy. (DT rate)

 G*. 3-FLEX + oil or gas furnace /heat-pump /plenum heat.

 Geo-thermal. (D rate)

 H. Geo-thermal heating.

Text Box: Upgrade your existing system to tri-heat and enjoy drastically lower heating costs 
that compare to Geo-thermal heating but only at a fraction of the equipment cost.

*    Eligible for Hydro Québec DT rate.

** Actual 2012/13 Quebec energy costs are used for this example. Room temp: 21°C, outdoor temp: -7°C. During 24 hours an equivalent of 0.864 GJ in heat must be generated to maintain room temperature.

(air source heat-pump:3 tons).

3-FLEX™  slashes home heating bills!



          All heating components are connected to the 3-Flex control.

Patent pending and independently tested 3-FLEX, “Tri-Energy control unit ” can be

Installed with both new or existing forced air, dual-heat systems with oil or gas furnace. 

By adding a special (CSA approved) electric plenum heater it creates a tri-energy heating

system managed by the 3-FLEX control unit.

This configuration reduces fossil fuel use by up to 80%, by extracting maximum

efficiency from each heating component, resulting in typical overall home heating

costs reductions of 50%  or more, over and above dual-heating costs.

In addition the “flex trim ” controlled plenum heater eliminates  unwanted house

temperature fluctuations, commonly experienced with dual-heating systems.

- Alternatively the 3-FLEX with plenum heater can also be installed with an Oil or Gas

furnace and A/C unit, resulting in big energy cost reductions and improved home comfort.

And when it’s time to retire the old A/C unit, the 3-FLEX controller can be easily

reprogrammed for tri-heat operation with heat-pump, for even more savings.

Heating control device cuts dual-energy heating costs by 50% or more.

Potentially saving tens of thousands over the service life of your heating system.

The chart below compares the cost of heating a typical home

over a 24 hour period using  8 different** heating systems.

3-FLEX control module

with/without protective cover

Text Box: Cost of heating 
Text Box: Type of heating system
Text Box: Tri-heat with oil or gas furnace (G) 
compares to Geo-thermal (H)