Attention HVAC professionals.

To better serve the growing need for more cost efficient and affordable home heating systems, you cannot effort to just offer standard heating appliances that do little to reduce heating costs and improve home comfort.


If you are a HVAC professional in the Greater Montreal area with a proven track record in customer service and interested in expanding your product line we offer an opportunity to sell, install and service our product.


















For more information on how to become a reseller

Email: or call 514-568-1996  



         3-FLEX, tri-heating products allows you to:

· Offer an exciting new heating product to homeowners with forced-air heating, that sets you apart from competitors.

· Reconnect with your existing customer base by raising awareness of  the important benefits tri-heating has to offer over dual-heating.

· Renew the bond as preferred professional heating contractor with your clients.  

· Opens the door to make recommendations for changes and updates to further improve home heating efficiency and comfort.