Customer satisfaction is key to our business. 

We have built an extensive list of very satisfied 3-FLEX users from the time we started offering our products and services to homeowners in the greater Montreal area.

The most cost effective home heating solution on the market.

Most homeowners made their decision to upgrade their heating system to tri-heat after due diligence, only to find out that no other heating system alternative on the market comes even close to 3-FLEX in cost, performance and reliability.

Customer satisfaction is #1 

We are very proud that our client satisfaction rating currently stands at 100%. We earned this because we live up to our claims on cost savings, home comfort, equipment reliability and prompt service. Our clients are more than happy to talk to any prospective home-owner looking for first-hand feedback.

Please contact us at 514 568-1996 for additional information you may require on our products and services. And if you subsequently like to talk directly to one of our clients we are pleased to arrange a call for you